I wonder who is going to replace Jenna Coleman since she’s not returning to Doctor Who after this series.

A slim white female in her 20s whose casting is based mostly on how attractive Steven Moffat finds her. Next question.


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The Drop of Ink // DAY STORIES

When I was 17 I was best friends with Cris. As often happens when you’re growing up, we eventually fell out in a really big way and didn’t talk for seven years. 

Seven years later Cris got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to get together. We met up, did some apologising and then found that we still got on really well.

He’d always wanted to be an artist and I had always wanted to be a filmmaker so we were pleased to find that both of us were on our way to realising those dreams.

This is a film about supporting your friends and burying hatchets. 

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